Mama Mia!

I’ve heard it said that the worlds most thankless jobs are in sanitation – or possibly plumbing. I beg to differ, as, while I am not one, I think being a mom is the toughest, most challenging and often thankless job around. Moms have to deal with a host of unsightly sanitation-like issues. They do not receive double pay nor do they get a fresh, clean uniform with a nifty name badge every morning. When I sit here and think back at how selflessly my own mother has mothered I am astonished. It’s funny that you don’t really hear stories of mothers going postal – you know brandishing firearms at places like Cost-Co or the hardware store when they, in fact, have more reason to than any disgruntled CPA or pissed-off government worker. Tomorrow is mothers day – so all you mom’s out there live it up – seize the day, go a little crazy and do whatever the hell you want – you deserve it! Thank you for your selfless dedication to the continuation of life on the planet. Moms Rock – it’s your day to roll! Thank you mama mia for all of your love and sacrifice. Happy Mother’s Day – I love you!XOXOXO


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