It’s in the Stars

I went to a psychic astrologer yesterday. I am sure all of my dead Irish-Catholic relatives are rolling in their graves thinking a). I am going straight to hell and b). that was a waste of good money that would have been better spent at the pub. It was actually very cool and I learned that Pluto is responsible for all of the turmoil in my life. Damn that Pluto! By the way this is the planet not the anthropomorphic member of the Mickey Mouse club. Don’t worry – there were no crystal balls or incense burning. No dead spirits were summoned that I am aware of although it is uncannily windy here in LA today. It is so windy in fact that I have stood in the doorway and yelled Dorothy! twice. I’m sure the wind is just a coincidence albeit it very well may be my Great Uncle George blowing off steam about me dabbling in hocus pocus instead of a nice tumbler of rye and ginger. Anyhoo – there really is something to this astrology. I am a Sagittarius and fit the personality profile to a T. Apparently I need to strike a balance in my life – this was according to the Tarot card part of the reading. Oye! Now I feel compelled to sing Yentyl songs. Not to worry, I am not losing my mind – it just seems that way. Papa, can you hear me?? Balance here I come!

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