On a lunch date today with an architect I was reminded of the scene in Victor Victoria when a down and out Julie Andrews plants a bug in her plate at a Paris restaurant in an attempt to get a free meal. In the film, Julie and her friend Toddy escape after her uncooperative cockroach climbs up another patrons leg and chaos ensues. OK – I’m not saying this fellow planted the bug in his half of our split salad that resulted in the free meal today at an undisclosed restaurant in the Los Angeles area – HOWEVER – if he did he is either a). a genius b). a sociopath or c). a poor man masquerading as an accomplished architect not unlike George Costanza’s Art Vandelay who was responsible for the new wing of the Guggenheim. Regardless, I enjoyed a few nibbles of the grilled shrimp salad until said bug presented itself in the folds of a crisp piece of romaine on his plate not mine. I’m thankful for that.


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