Expect Delays ( My Upcoming Novel!)



Expect Delays is a dark comedy about Kat Fox’s shocking fall and subsequent rise though the oxycontin-laced, ninety-proof ashes of her divorce. Expect Delays explores the self-destructive lengths we’ll go to for love and acceptance, often ignoring that little voice in our gut we know is right. Unlike other works of post-divorce, self-discovery, Kat Fox searches mostly in her liquor and medicine cabinets for meaning, much to the chagrin of Little Me, the six year old inside of her, who, in the end, helps Kat grow up.








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  1. Kristine Barry-Olsen
    Kristine Barry-Olsen at |

    I can’t wait for Expect Delays to hit the shelves!
    I have every faith in “Little me”. Kat Fox is one lucky broad to have little me help her grow. Yet, I have a feeling, Kat is a lot stronger then she knows!


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