The Trouble With Q Tips

If I had to give today a title it would be Watching the Chips Go Stale. As the anesthesia has worn off, so has my delight in lying in bed watching Jane Austen films and increasing my fiber intake to offset the binding effects of the pain medication. I did manage a bath which, while it did not particularly improve my mood, has certainly given the air in my room a boost, like a nice blast of Fabreeze near the litter box. I am rather unsteady and dropped a large container of sterile Q-tips earlier. I did not have the heart to throw them out so I thought I would try to fashion them into an art project but this failed miserably as the cotton stem of the Q-tip is not pliable like the boondoggle I so lovingly strung at church camp many moons ago. I did some random facial hair tweezing and mother has called 4.6 times making various inquiries as to which of my friends she should contact to buy me some groceries. Mom lives in NY – I have assured her that I am all set on groceries but running dangerously low on Chardonnay so if she might have some delivered I would greatly appreciate that in lieu of flowers. My calls to the doctors office inquiring about physical therapy have gone unanswered so I flossed my teeth instead. I do feel hopeful, however. The sun has come out and I have a new e-harmony pen-pal who is very witty and rather taken with what he refers to as my “mynxish” brain. For some reason he calls me Peggy and for some reason I like this – of course it could be the medication. Things are looking up.

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