Birds, Bees and Lady Bugs

The robins have come back to nest in the eves off of my back deck once again. There is something so comforting about this as they do it every spring in the exact same spot. I love watching the mama bird so industriously gather twigs and fashion them into a cozy round nest. I actually don’t even know how birds make babies as I attended Catholic school my entire life and we never had sex education of any kind. Dear mother actually made an attempt at “the talk” on the morning of my wedding when I was 22, but I told her I found a pamphlet once in a New York City subway station that explained the whole thing and she was terribly relieved. I have a new pet named Veronica – a lady bug I found in a bag of spinach from Trader Joe’s. What is it about bugs in my salad lately? She is living in a mason jar having a big time munching on raisins on the table in the solarium. It’s actually a breakfast nook but there is just something about that word solarium – it conjures up thoughts of daiquiri-fueled luncheons and garden parties. Brooks darling – we can’t possibly dine in the solarium today, Veronica is in one of her moods. Let’s do the gazebo instead and be careful not to upset the robins.




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