Melodic Valium

I have once again entered the Bocelli phase. It very well could be that I’d just like another late night visit from my men in blue, however, this time I think it is something different. I found a gray eyebrow recently – yes , I know – horrors! So, instead of running up the street screaming for my lost youth I put on a little Bocelli – listened to Dare To Live and all is right with the world. One does need to make inquiries into eyebrow dye as one cannot continue to pluck these grisly reminders hmmm…the word for gray in Spanish is gris – then we have the word grisly! My God those Latins were brilliant! Anyhoo I saw Sex and The City yesterday with the girls. I do hope that Michael Patrick King enjoyed the acid trip he was on while writing it. Regardless, I loved it – it was completely over the top and thoroughly entertaining. No wonder those girls need constant liquid fortification – all of those costume changes are exhausting and the desert location would tend to leave one doubly parched. I’m sure the Abu Dabians are not pleased – oh hell it was shot in Morocco and let’s face it – burkas suck. If nothing else, those girls dare to live and inspire me to do the same.


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