Cereal Wars

I bought a box of Life Cereal in an attempt to figure mine out. So far it is not working albeit I am enjoying a bowl of it dry as I type. Sugary breakfast cereal always reminds me of my little brother. Mom would go grocery shopping every Friday morning and little brother and I would strategically hide whatever box suited our fancy that week away from each other and our siblings. We never discussed it but would nod to each other as we smacked away on our sugary treasure while the others settled for Wheaties or Farina dumbfounded that the Captain Crunch and Apple Jack’s had gone so quickly. I remember very cleverly placing a bag of my beloved Cocoa Pebbles in an empty box of droll Raisin Bran – the others did not notice the difference in the brown flakes but little brother raised an eyebrow giving me a silent touche in appreciation for my covertness. As the years passed and our palates matured we took to concealing tins of albacore tuna from one another – things really heated up when Bumblebee was on sale as all others paled in comparison. I only get to see little brother once or twice a year now and with so little time he has taken to stealing my entire plate of food. I have to be on particularly high alert when making my famous turkey hoagie. If I so much as turn to put the Hellman’s (AKA Best Food’s mayo west of the Rockie’s) back in the fridge said hoagie will have been whisked away by little brother and his ravenous offspring who squeal in delight at my feigned dismay. Ah the simple joys of Life – I think I’ll have some more.


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