That Divorced Look

My friend told me a few weeks ago that I look divorced. “What the hell does that mean? I look divorced?” I asked. “Well, you look so put together – the hair, the tan, the workouts,” she said, backpedaling. Now I’m in Rochester and just returned to my post next to daddy at the hospital after a few drinks at the local tavern with my brothers. ¬†Rebecca the barkeep was obviously flirting with my older brother. Older brother is married but doesn’t wear a wedding ring as he works with equipment that could sever his ring finger if it got stuck under that pesky gold band. Anyhoo, as little brother was hassling ring-less older brother about his repartee with Rebecca he replied “What? She said I look like Tom Selleck, we were just talking – besides she looks divorced.” Again with the looking divorced. Do we emit an odor? Is it our telltale concern for our appearance that gives us away? I know plenty of coupled-up women who work out and do their hair. So there’s got to be something, right? Perhaps our desperate divorced state is easier for “smug marrieds” to sniff out. Regardless – divorcees unite! If I wasn’t in the hospital with my sick dad I would don my jumpsuit (a staple in the divorcee wardrobe) some strappy sandals, some self-tanner, a spritz of Coco and hit the nearest late-night happy hour. Maybe one day I’ll be coupled-up and can let myself go to the dogs. Being a divorcee is hard work:))


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